About Alex Dobay

The JADE Foundation honors the memory of Alex Dobay, a Burton, Ohio resident and Hawken School graduate, who, after bravely battling cancer for several years, succumbed to the illness at the age of 19.

Alex Dobay was a firm believer that it is the responsibility of each individual to reach out to others whenever possible. Alex's story has inspired others to see beyond themselves and care for those around them. He was an extraordinary individual who gave others strength, determination and hope that anything is possible. Or, as he liked to say, Impossible is Nothing.

After bravely battling cancer for several years, Alec succumbed to the illness at the age of 19. The JADE (Jeffrey Alexander Dobay Entertainment) Foundation was created in Alex's memory. The Foundation's objective is to create ongoing programs that alleviate the tedium and stress young adult cancer patients face during lengthy hospitalizations. Alex always appreciated small gestures of kindness during his hospital stays, and his attitude brightened the day of everyone who came to know him.

In Alex's own words, "Be friendly when you don't have to be, show a little respect, and try to make a difference for the better. When things don't go your way, just work them out the best you can, and you can still smile knowing that you did what you could."

A Tribute to Alex Dobay