The Jade Foundation

Partners and Sponsors

Hawken School
The Kadis Family
Melange Restaurant
The Phelan Family
Barbara, Alan & Zachary Rosskamm
The Seabright Family

Emily Brueck
Jeffrey & Patricia Dobay
Evergreen/United Nations Insurance
Ray & Julie Koren
Betty Rosskamm
Kitty Schirm
Snavely Excavating Company
Gary Waxman Family

Drs. Kathryn & Mark Adams
Albert j. & Carrie K. Barnabei
Cynthia & Robert Bruml
Cindy & Craig Cohen
Bruce & Elizabth Cohn
Dr. James & Ronda Goldfarb
Frank, Carole, Lara & Mark Gori
George & Janice Hawwa
Abe Kadis
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Al McCracken
Rick & Polly Marabito
Tim & Stephanie Misny
John & Karen Moss
Heather & Barry Nelson
Dave & Phyllis Paulitsch
Scot & Emily Paulitsch
Julie & Peter Raskind
The Rayburn Family
Peg & Ron Ringness
Roberts Demand Corp.
The Rogen Family
James & Linda Rose
Holly & Peter Scott
Edwina E. Simmons, MD
The Stone Family
Rose & Steve Viny
Louise & Greg Warner

Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
Caradamone Panza Public Relations
The Cleveland Clinic
Joanne Farinacci
Michele Kirsch
Jeff Kutz, Rock the House
Jeffrey Muencz, CPA
Shima Limousine
Judith Stern Waxman
Nan Wiggins

The JADE Foundation
PO Box 621
Chesterland, Ohio 44026
Phone: 216-408-3097

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The JADE Foundation is in need of books, DVDs, magazines to add to our Comfort Carts. Learn more about our Comfort Cart Program, and to make a contribution.

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