Patient Testimonials

Comments About Patient Outings:

"I would like to thank the Jade Foundation for making a night out at Progressive field with my son and family for a wonderful night of watching baseball and then fireworks after the game. Our son Andrew has been battling with CML for the past three years, and we have been on a wild rollercoaster during this time. When he was first diagnosed with CML he was given two to five years, with treatment, so now that we are in the third year we still have lots of hope. He has not been the typical cancer patient due to be asymptomatic, and when people see him they are astonished to know that he is a cancer patient due to his appearance. He looks like your typical college student, so when we are given the chance to do outings we are grateful that he is able to participate at this time. I would not have been able on my own to make such great memories at Progressive field the way that the Jade foundation did for us. We are truly grateful and thankful to the people and the organization of the Jade foundation. We hope that you are able to keep moving forward and supporting the young people and their families as you did for us. Thank you."

"I just wanted to say thank you! Because of the Jade Foundation, I was able to enjoy a night out with some of my closest friends and had a great time. What the Jade Foundation is doing is an amazing thing. Giving transplant patients a distraction from their everyday struggles helps in so many ways and its importance cannot be overstated! Thank you. Thank you, thank you!! God bless you all!"

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful experience at the Indians game on April 26. My family and I had an amazing time...the suite was wonderful...the seats were awesome...the whole experience was great! We were treated wonderfully. It was a very welcome break from the whole "leukemia thing" for all of us. Life felt normal once again, if even for just that one night. You do wonderful things - keep it up!!"

"Dear Friends,
My family, friends and I had a great time on the limousine ride. The limo was so much fun. The lights were beautiful and the desserts at Corbos were yummy. Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun. Love you."

Comments About the Comfort Cart:

"Thank you for the snacks. They were a wonderful surprise!!"

"I am on my second round of Leukemia. The first time the Jade Foundation gave me a blanket. It was one of the warmest blankest I own. I will be using it again this time Thursday. Thank you."

"I enjoyed the comfort cart stopping by my room, and even though my husband and I passed on taking the board and card games, I was appreciative of the candy and mints to help keep my mouth moist in a very dry environment."

"Last year when we were here the soft blanket the Jade Foundation was giving out was so comfortable we brought it as a ‘must have’ when I relapsed. Thank you so much for the thoughtful snacks and toys that make this experience more tolerable on a day to day basis."

"Thank you!! The comfort cart came to our room and offered several items during a very difficult time. Although treatment made it tough to talk and eat the person with the cart worked hard to find something for us."

"Thank you for providing a telescope. I was able to enjoy the view and ‘get out of my room’."

"Very Kind and thoughtful! Made a dreary day- Bright thanks so much!"

"Nice Idea- Good ‘lift’ for patient."

"I had no idea about this beautiful service. It’s times like these, with sweet surprises, that make this long and difficult journey so much easier. I chose a card game of UNO to enjoy during family visits."

"I enjoyed getting a blanket and puzzle on two separate occasions. What a nice gesture on your part."

"This cart made my day. I was feeling sorry for myself and along came the nicest women with a cart full of fun. Wonderful surprise. Please Cleveland Clinic keep this up. Also thank you to this foundation."

"I really appreciate the kindness of the Jade foundation. It gets to be really lonely at times while in the hospital and her friendly smile and gifts seems to always be right on time. Thanks so much!"

"When the cart came with the blanket, my counts were at their lowest. The blanket gave me the comfort I needed to get through a really trying time. Thank you again Jade Foundation!"

"The Jade Foundation is an exceptional service to the patients on the leukemia/transplant floor. My husband has been very ill and has been here 96 days today. He received a queen size blanket from the Jade Foundation and it has been such a comfort to him and kept him warm during his horrible shivering and shaking before fever. Plus being tall, the blanket covered his toes, which he really appreciated. Bobbie is a ray of sunshine too and brings a cart in that is full of wonderful goodies that brighten up the day. Thank you Jade Foundation!"

"Five years ago I was a patient on that floor. The kindness & generosity of the JADE Foundation helped my attitude so much. Keep up the wonderful work!”
Cleveland Clinic bone marrow transplant patient"

"To The JADE Foundation,
I just want to thank you for your kindness shown to me by having little gifts of love available at the Cleveland Clinic bone marrow unit. Thank you for caring. This brought sunshine to my day!"

"Dear JADE Foundation,
Your gifts given to me while I was in the hospital were a welcome treat. Thank you."

"I would like to say thank you very much for giving my son Andrew so much joy when you see him at the Cleveland Clinic hospital. He's been fighting cancern for a year now and he still cherishes the blanket he got from you guys a year ago.
What you do is very important to everybody who needs someone (like you) just to walk in and say, 'Hello, I care and know what you are going through. I'm here to help make your day by giving you something to get through your pain today.'
You may think you're doing a small part but no, it's way bigger than that...the joy my son gets when I get there and he tells me 'look what I got today!'...and seeing the joy in his face, is heartwarming.
When I can't be there for him all day, I know someone (like you) is there to help him out.
Thank you for everything...God Bless you all."