Medical Staff Testimonials

Statements from Medical Staff:

"I took care of Alex during his leukemia treatments, and got to know him and his mom, Bobbie. Bobbie takes out the cart on the leukemia and bone marrow transplant floor. She’s a wonderful inspiration to the patients and their families, offers them hope and support. It’s difficult for patients to leave the floor because they’re weak and blood counts are low, so the cart brings them activities that they can engage in without having to leave their room. Having the interaction with the person who delivers the cart has been really helpful for their morale; it lets them know that someone cares about them. The nurses and doctors have been really supportive, and believe it’s been really helpful for the patients."
~Anjali Advani MD, Cleveland Clinic Hematology & Oncology

“It’s overwhelming for them to think that someone they don’t even know cares about them and is thinking about them, that they’re not lost or forgotten. When they see me coming in, it usually means I’m here to talk about something medical. The cart provides an avenue to communicate with them on a different level where they open up about how they’re feeling.”
~Amelia Baffa, Nurse Manager, UH Angie Fowler AYA Cancer Institute

"People with leukemia spend approximately one month in the hospital as they endure the intensive chemotherapy necessary to control their cancer. The JADE cart, under the sponsorship of Bobbie Dobay, provides a welcome relief, a slice of home, to people enduring this experience."
~Mikkael A. Sekeres, MD, MS
Director, Leukemia Program, Cleveland Clinic

"The JADE foundation provides patients with a great way to take their minds off their prolonged hospital stay. It is an excellent resource to help patients focus on something other than their illness."
~ Danielle M. Boone, RN, BSN, MBA
Assistant Nurse Manager
Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, Cleveland Clinic